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The GET READY Disaster Preparedness Program is designed to fill three important needs, making it as easy as possible for a household to become prepared for a disaster. These needs are:

1. Disaster Survival Knowledge
We’ve developed a two-hour training course that includes a take-home manual. At the conclusion you’ll know what to do before, during and after a regional disaster.

2. Emergency Equipment and Supplies
We’ll provide you with a shopping list so you can assemble an emergency supply kit or you can purchase a ready-made kit at the training session.

3. Food and Water to Last Three Days
The size of this emergency reserve is determined by the number of people in your household. We’ll provide you with a shopping list so you can assemble your own or you can purchase ready-made modules.

Why have an emergency reserve?
Many people ask why they need kits of special reserves when they already have plenty of supplies at home. Experts very strongly advise that equipment, supplies, food and water all be stored in one place because, during a disaster, running around trying to gather supplies is impractical at best, and at worst, impossible. Having everything in one place also makes it easier to monitor and replace out-of-date supplies.

Common sense tells us that being prepared is a necessity. The geography of our location, being a peninsula, makes us particularly vulnerable to isolation in time of a major disaster. Add to that the fact that most of our government officials live elsewhere and getting here could take hours, maybe days. Aid from county, state and federal agencies could be delayed and/or inadequate as was demonstrated during Hurricane Katrina. We have to be self-sufficient. You owe it to your family. You owe it to your community.

The Disaster Preparedness Task Force believes that Belvedere and Tiburon have a shot at becoming the first community in the nation to have 100% of our households certified and ready for a disaster.

Sign up for the GET READY Disaster Preparedness Program by calling 435-7386 or clicking here.


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