Get Ready

Take a Class and Be Prepared
This class is one of the requirements for a "We Are Ready" certificate. You will be given a manual prepared especially for Belvedere and Tiburon residents. Among other things, the 2-hour session focuses on how to use and benefit from the manual. The class will be conducted by one of your neighbors and friends who has been trained to lead the session about getting households prepared for a regional disaster.

Household Training Schedule
Please register by clicking here or call 435-7386.
Be on time. Every attendee will receive a copy of the Get Ready Disaster Preparedness Manual, prepared by the Task Force.


Thursday September 14 - 3pm – 5pm

Tuesday September 26 - 9am – 11am

Wednesday October 18 - 10am –noon

Thursday October 26 - 6pm -8pm

Tuesday November 7 - 4pm to 6pm


All classes are held at the Tiburon Police Station, 1155 Tiburon Blvd.


Training Locations
Tiburon Council Chambers
Tiburon Town Hall – 1505 Tiburon Boulevard

Community Congregational Church
145 Rock Hill Road

Reed School
1199 Tiburon Boulevard

Tiburon Baptist Church
445 Greenwood Beach Road



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