Get Ready

We need help if we're going to make sure the citizens of the Peninsula are able to survive a disaster. You can help by volunteering for one of these positions:

Get Ready Trainer
Learn to be a trainer by taking a lively, 4-hour class created by local firefighters. Once completed, you'll conduct 2-hour classes for your neighbors. Come alone or bring a friend so you can teach your neighbors together. To sign up to be a trainer, call 415-435-7386 or email us

Get Ready Neighborhood Coordinator
Neighborhood Coordinators will be assigned 15 to 20 households. Their job is to explain the GET READY concept and schedule one person from each household to take the 2-hour training session. These classes will be held in private homes and public places such as school gyms and town halls. We need 220 Neighborhood Coordinators.

Get Ready District Captain
We need 25 District Captains, each of whom will oversee 8 to 10 Neighborhood Coordinators.

If you'd like to help out, contact us by calling 415-435-7386 or clicking here.


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